Beyonce Karungi


Ms. Beyonce Karungi is a transgender woman, sex worker rights activist, human rights defender, and a queer feminist with extensive experience in advocacy for trans and gender equity issues. Born and living in Uganda.

Beyonce works as the CEO of Transgender Equality Uganda, a human rights organization started and led by transgender women in Uganda. It strives to create space for transwomen, to speak out; and mainstream transpeople rights in Uganda's gender emancipation and feminist movement..

TEU works to empower transwomen and transgender sex workers to mobilize and advocate for their rights and educate Ugandan society about different gender expressions.


Ms Beyonce, who was born Benjamin Tushabe is a Uganda transwoman and LGBTQ activist. She co-founded TEU in April 2011, a Transwoman organisation that strives to assist trans women.

Professional Life:

Beyonce co-founded Transgender Equality Uganda and is the Executive Director. She began her activism with key populations in 2009 and is also involved in efforts to stop violence towards women and girls, to promote sex and sexuality education for youth, and to increase young people’s access to friendly SRHR services across Uganda.

At the global level, Beyonce worked with the International Reference Group on Trans Women and HIV, UNDP, UNFPA, UNAIDS, PEPFAR, the Global Fund, and the USAID to develop the TRANSIT. Recently, she became an AVAC partner and is supporting their current efforts to better understand and address the PrEP needs of trans women.

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